Advanced protection study workshop


May 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2018

Montréal, CANADA

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- Complimentary with the purchase of a new EMTP license and/or new Add-ons

Regular price:
- Early Bird: 1200 CAD (1,000 USD)* before February 1st, 2018
- Regular: 1600 CAD (1,300 USD)*  
*A 5% fee is applied for credit card payments



Henry GRAS 


Training objectives:

The objective of this training is to:

  • Learn how to run time-domain simulation
  • Identify protection functions which require more advanced studies
  • Understand how relay are modeled in EMT-type software
  • Discuss on methodology for protection studies in EMTP
  • Share best practices and experiences between participants


This course was settled for a public of:

  • Protection engineers
  • T&D electrical engineers
  • Consultants
  • Industry electrical engineers
  • Research personnel in industry, utilities, universities and consulting companies involved in power systems studies.
  • Post-graduated students


Training structure:

The training is presented in English.


Computer and temporary EMTP-RV license:

Each participant will have to bring a personal computer. EMTP-RV temporary licenses will be provided for the duration of the course.


Day 1: 

(Note for advanced EMTP-RV users:  Day 1 is an introductory agenda for new users, if you are already using EMTP-RV you can skip this day)

  • General introduction to EMTP-RV
  • Typical field of applications
  • Overview of EMTP-RV
  • Get started with EMTP:
    • Build a simple circuit
    • Run simulations
    • Look and understand the results
  • CT modelling
    • CT saturation
    • Impact on overcurrent protection coordination


Day 2: 

  • Differential protection settings
    • Transformer modelling
    • Differential protection basic settings
    • Transformer energization studies
    • Harmonic inhibit settings
  • Distance protections settings
    • Line modelling
    • Reaching determination
    • Impact of wind generation on protection


Day 3: 

  • Powerswing/out of step protection settings
    • Synchronous machine modelling
    • Exciter and governor modelling
    • Critical clearing time determination
    • Worst stable swing determination


Powersys Canada,

2000 McGill College Avenue
6th Floor, Office 674
Montréal, Québec H3A 3H3





IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Our trainings are endorsed by the IEEE Continuing Education Program, this guarantees both quality of the technical content of learning materials as well as adherence to IEEE’s strict criteria for educational excellence. Our programs have passed this strict process and our trainees will be entitled to IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs), recognized as the standard of excellence for continuing education programs in IEEE’s fields of interest. Furthermore, certificates` fees will be entirely covered by EMTP-RV.


General conditions for EMTP-RV Training:

Participants will have to pay 100% in advance before the course.

Advance payment is required by Credit Card (*5% tax will apply on credit card payment) or by Bank wire Transfer.


Cancellation can be made according to Powersys’ General Conditions for training:

In case you cannot attend the training after having registred, please contact us as soon as possible at h.gras@powersys-solutions.com
In case of cancellation three weeks or more before the beginning of the training, the participants will not be charged.
In case of cancellation less than three weeks before the beginning of the training, Powersys will charge the participant 50% of the training fees.

Please note that Powersys will not reimburse any travel and/or accommodation expenditure in case of cancellation of the training.
We recommend you to make your travel arrangements once the training is confirmed.


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