About Us

POWERSYS, the EMTP-RV commercializer:

As of April 1, 2011, POWERSYS is the new EMTP-RV commercializer. All marketing, sales, development and support for EMTP-RV are being adopted by POWERSYS.

POWERSYS is a consulting and software company providing global solutions of engineering software and services for industry, research and education in the field of Electrical & Electromechanical power systems.

By combination of the best relevant software on the market and our high skill staff of engineers we offer to local and global clients the most flexible solution for studies applicable to:

  • Electrical Power Systems and Networks (transmission, distribution, generation, industrial plants),
  • Power Electronics and Drives,
  • Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Equipment (motor, generator, transformer, actuator).

Our main market orientation is to offer specialized, affordable and expandable software to our customers. The combination of the different software constitutes a complete range in the field of Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics and Electromechanics.

For more information on POWERSYS activities,
please visit our website at www.powersys-solutions.com.


The Development Coordination Group (DCG):

The ElectroMagnetic Transient Program was originally developed by Professor Hermann W. Dommel in Germany, who brought the program to Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in the late 1960's. Since then, EMTP has been continuously developed through international contributions.

In order to rationalize the development of the program, the EMTP Development Coordination Group (DCG) was founded in 1982.
Original members of the DCG included BPA, the US Bureau of reclamation, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA), Ontario Hydro and Hydro-Quebec.
At present, North American members of DCG include American Electric Power service Corporation (AEP), Centre for energy Advancement Through Technological Innovation (CEATI), Hydro One Networks and Hydro-Quebec.
DCG members outside North America include CRIEPI (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry) from Japan and Electricité de France (EDF).

The first version of the DCG EMTP was released in 1987 and version 2.0 was completed in mid 1989. The last version of EMTP, known as EMTP96 is believed to be, until the release of EMTP-RV, the most technically advanced transients analysis software for the simulation of various phenomena in areas such as power quality, lightning protection, insulation coordination of air or gas-insulated substations, switching surges, temporary overvoltages, motor starting and power electronics based transmission systems/compensators and associated controls.

In 2003, the DCG released a new restructured version, EMTP-RV, developed under the technical leadership of Hydro-Québec. It features new and improved functionalities, as well as state-of-the-art analysis tools. Re-engineered to provide greater simulation performance and design convenience, EMTP-RV is not an upgrade. It is a complete replacement of EMTP96.